News from the Summer Show 2018

The Summer Show

The jewel in our crown of our annual events, The Summer Show has been held in the Wettern Tree Garden on Purley Oaks Road for as long as anyone can remember. Conveyed to the Croydon Corporation in 1965 by one of our major benefactors and chairman, Eric Wettern, the Tree Garden provides an ideal environment and layout for this major local community event.

Although only members may exhibit in the competition, the Summer Show successfully attracts almost as many visitors as it does members. Our classes include fruit and vegetables, flowers and pot plants all grown by the exhibitors as well domestic, photography and specific classes for young persons.

With a brass band, tea on the lawns, children’s entertainer, local charity and small commercial stalls our Summer Show provides an atmosphere reminiscent of the best traditions of a country village show with the main marquee containing upward of 350 competition exhibits from our members. The whole event culminates in the presentation of nearly 20 cups, plates and medals to recognise the excellence of the exhibitors of all age groups and capabilities.

Everyone who exhibits in our Shows quickly discovers the camaraderie, mutual support and banter between our exhibitors who are always ready to share tips and ideas on growing and exhibiting their work. We are always pleased to see new entrants of all ages and experience at all our Shows, so we look forward to welcoming you to the Society and our Shows very soon.