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Autumn Show 15th September 2018


Do you have the smallest ripe tomato, the heaviest onion, the longest runner bean or the most humorous vegetable? If so, why not enter classes 8, 14, 17 or 29 in SHS’s Autumn Show.


There are many other classes to enter: fruit, flowers (in particular dahlias, fuchsias and chrysanthemums), plants in pots.

Why not help the chairman out by providing a few more puns for him in ‘The Best Gardening Joke’ section … please!!

What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?
Pumpkin pi.

How about having a try at the domestic classes? The recipe for the Apple and Walnut tea bread is included in the schedule. Or let your imagination run riot when making 5 decorated ‘Hen party cupcakes.’



At least 11 of the classes are aimed specifically at our young gardeners.

Check out pages 27 to 36 in your schedule for all the information, with the entry details on page 25.